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Porall’s Sobriety Testing Technology Keeps Mining Company’s Employees and Stakeholders Safe from Workplace Accidents

About Porall

Porall is a global e-health firm that focuses on worldwide addiction related to preventive services, developing industry-leading services for markets desperately in need of new ideas, technology, and safety measures. We provide services that lower costs for businesses, improve productivity, raise brand equity, and enhance competitiveness. With our technology, brands can provide their customers true peace of mind because their products/services are verified to be produced by verified, sober employees. We offer solutions that are particularly important for social sustainability and for those companies who align with the goals of the United Nations.

At Porall, we use our years of experience and cutting-edge technology to help companies achieve their goal of keeping worksites safe. Using comprehensive sobriety test technology, transparent communication with our partners, and customized solutions has put our clients in the best positions possible to keep their employees safe and operations active.

Does your company have the proper sobriety testing measures in place for your employees working with or around heavy machinery? Get in touch with our team of Porall safety experts today to get started on tailoring a solution for your business.

About Mining Company Ltd.

Mining Company Ltd. Is a fictitious Swedish state-owned company and the world's leading producer of highly refined iron ore products, with sales in over 30 countries. They are an industry giant with more than 100 years of dedicated service and production in the steel and iron sector. Most Mining Company Ltd.'s mines are located in northern Sweden, but they also have various sites in other European and African regions.

Mining Company Ltd.'s primary purpose is to generate value for its stakeholders by responsibly exploiting their mineral resources. One of the ways they stay true to this purpose is by continuously working to find new and improved ways of using less energy, water, and other natural resources in their process. In doing so, Mining Company Ltd. reduces its environmental impact while also making its operations more efficient and cost-effective. Not only does Mining Company Ltd. focus on sustainable practices, but they are also leading the charge in improving employee sobriety verification processes to ensure a safe and productive workplace for all of their stakeholders. Mining Company Ltd.’s proactive work with social sustainability is well aligned with the UN’s goals centered around improving the wellbeing for our planet and its inhabitants.

Mining Company Ltd.’s Challenges

In many of Mining Company Ltd.'s mines around the world, and in regard to sobriety, they hadn't updated safety measures in years, if not decades. Systems for checking in employees, third-party vendors, or visitors to worksites were often nonexistent or involved manual processes that were incredibly time consuming and privacy inva sive. This lack of proper screening could potentially put Mining Company Ltd. employees at risk and put the company at risk of legal liabilities, especially when it came to sobriety at work.

The main challenges Mining Company Ltd. experienced before partnering with us at Porall were:

Inconsistent or nonexistent screening procedures for visitors, employees, and third-party vendors. With minimal to no testing measures in place, it was difficult to verify the sobriety of everyone on site.

An increased risk of liability in the event of an accident. With no proper safety measures in place, any sobriety related accidents on-site would likely be 100% attributable to Mining Company Ltd.

Inefficient and costly operations. The lack of security measures put employees at risk while making processes more difficult and expensive. All sobriety tests were done manually, required testing facilities and equipment, and needed to be performed by trained personnel.

Difficulty enforcing sobriety policies with manual testing methods. Even if Mining Company Ltd. had policies and procedures in place, they were difficult to enforce with the manual testing methods. There was no guarantee that everyone on-site followed the rules and no way to track or monitor compliance effectively.

Inaccurate or missing employee sobriety records. Mining Company Ltd. had difficulty trusting their employees with confidence because there was no digital system to track employee sobriety. Plus, manual testing is very intrusive to privacy, making trust building efforts even more challenging.

Mining Company Ltd. needed a comprehensive solution to mitigate these risks and improve safety for all stakeholders. That's where we came in!

Porall's Sobriety and Monitoring Solutions

In order to improve the safety and security of their workplace, Mining Company Ltd. Partnered with us at Porall to implement our industry-leading sobriety management solutions. We created a step-by-step process for Mining Company Ltd. Employees, vendors, or visitors to verify their sobriety with minimal manual intervention. As all of these various stakeholders approach a Mining Company Ltd. Open-pit mine, the process begins. We either can pre-authorize vendors (like a delivery service) or can do on-site testing and verification.

Verified sober drivers (through our vendor partnerships) will approach an unmanned, unguarded, and automated checkpoint gate. Before approaching the checkpoint, drivers take a private mobile BAC test to verify their sobriety, using a unique code they find on their Porall NFC keyring.

Once at the gate, the driver scans their NFC keyring to get through. This automatic checkpoint makes sure that when drivers arrive at the entrance to the mine, where there are two different checkpoint options they can choose from (depending on who they are and their relation to the company), they are appropriately routed to the correct checkpoints. An unmanned checkpoint is used exclusively for the staff or other verified individuals, and a manned checkpoint is used for guests, subcontractors, or supply/delivery vendors. If any technical problems arise or any other mistakes are made, they just go via the manned checkpoint instead, making this a fail-safe process that ensures safety and sobriety for all involved.

The unmanned system verifies a valid sobriety test taken within the last hour and opens/locks the gate accordingly for pre-authorized drivers. A manual BAC sobriety test is issued at the guarded checkpoint, and any violations will be noted, recorded, and communicated directly back to headquarters for further investigation.

The headquarters can access accurate sobriety reports at any given time to review, investigate, follow up or perform third-party reporting regarding the sobriety status on their works sites, their staff, the contractors in their supply chains, and potential visitors.

With our technology, Mining Company Ltd. has quickly and easily verified employee sobriety both before and during their shifts. See the results below.

Rave Results

Mining Company Ltd. is thrilled with our technology suite, customer service, and dedication to their sobriety success. Since working with Porall, Mining Company Ltd. has seen:

A decrease in on-site incidents and sobriety violations. The automated testing process and multiple checkpoints discouraged employees from coming to work under the influence.

An improvement in how comfortable their off-site headquarters teams feel about the safety of their employees. Fewer concerns about employee sobriety mean better peace of mind for everyone involved.

An uptick in employee morale. Mining Company Ltd. employees feel good knowing that their company is taking extra steps to protect their safety, privacy, and health while they're on the job.

Enhanced brand recognition and trust, as they can now confidently highlight that their entire supply chain is verified sober by our technology. Customers and vendors alike are now more interested in working with Mining Company Ltd. because of their focus and emphasis on safety.

A streamlined process for managing sobriety compliance across their entire organization, with a noticeable decrease in the amount of time and resources needed to administer sobriety tests. Not to mention, all testing is now performed in privacy, providing a non intrusive and more comfortable experience.

Optimized operational efficiency. With an easy onboarding process, streamlined access to our technology, and inexpensive remote control systems, Mining Company Ltd. was able to quickly and efficiently implement our sobriety management solutions with minimal disruption to their business.

Increased involvement. Porall’s easy and affordable tools made it simple to involve both current staff as well as all external contractors in the supply chain. The requirement of automated testing compliance was implemented in all procurement agreements, making the supply chain monitoring onboarding process a breeze.

We're proud of the work we've done with Mining Company Ltd. and look forward to continued collaboration to keep their workplaces and mining sites safe from alcohol or drug-related incidents.

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Porall is the perfect partner for organizations looking to improve their efforts in social sustainability, alignment with the goals of UN, or preventive work in regards to sobriety management programs. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that can fit the needs of any business. That can be seamlessly integrated with your current systems. If you're interested in learning more about our services or working with us, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us today to get started.

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