Main Things We Solve

Human United is all about joint forces. We need and would like to collaborate with everyone. We are open-minded, transparent and build our company and services with collaboration in mind. We should be the best possible partner for everyone.

A safe workplace

Everyone, including management, should have the right to feel safe at their work-place, and to know that their fellow co-workers, employees or subcontractors are sober.

A safe environment

Everyone should feel safe and be able to trust that people around, are sober. When working with kids, at the hospital, the police, parents who take the kids to sports games.

A responsible consumption

Under influence its very easy to overspend or to overcompensate, set limits and track or prohibit your own behavior, visualize your goals vs your spendings on bad behavior.

A responsible life

Maybe you know you had one too many drinks, maybe you just want to educate yourself, maybe you are close to someone you think have a problem or maybe you just want to be healthy.


Use the services of Human United By Porall, and trigger your IFTTT services or devices. The possibilities are endless. You can build advanced flows using other IFTTT compatible services. Such as pressing a RED Z-Wave button to retrieve a test request and send via SMS using Twilio to any recipient and then lighten up a green or red lamp, depending on their results. Find more information about what you can do on: https://porall.com/IFTTT

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